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Quinophyllic is a combined drug specifically designed for complex regeneration and improvement of reproductive function of women with anovulatory infertility and polycystic ovary syndrome.

KVINOL is a non-hormonal alternative drug that controls hyperproliferative processes of the female reproductive system.

MENOKVIN – effective complex for prevention and reduction of women menopausal symptoms in the age adjustment of hormonal regulation.

CRANFORCE is a natural-based high-tech extract of latvian cranberry (Vaccinium oxycoccos) and can prevent relapses in inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract. Potentiates the action of antibiotics.

TRIBEX used separately or in complex therapy of sexual dysfunction: for men - with infertility of various origins, to increase libido and duration of erection, for women - for frigidity, endocrine ovarian sterility, climacteric and post-castration syndrome with marked vasomotor and neurasthenic manifestations.

KARLIV improves sperm production, activates the energy metabolism and the degradation of fats, and also has a hepato- and cardioprotective effect (improves liver and heart work).

ADELIV is hepatoprotector based on ademetionine of European quality at an affordable price.

HEPANEX - is a natural product of European quality with fast and comprehensive action, a long and powerful hepatoprotective and choleretic effect, reliable protection of the liver and gallbladder.

FORCELIV - hepatoprotector with an amino acid complex that combines the most active ingredients with proven efficacy in the stabilization of structural and functional condition of the liver.

OLEFAR - reliable protection of the throat!

ALVIN - first aid for colds and flu!

SINORM - an effective remedy for sinusitis!

SINORM BALSAM - an effective remedy for sinusitis!

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