KVINOL - contains of highly pure indole-3-carbinol, that normalize metabolism of estrogen in a woman's body and prevents development of hormone-dependent and hormone-independent diseases. Indole-3-carbinol - biologically active substance that derived from plants cruciferae family and has antiestrogenic and antiproliferative activity.
KVINOL contributes normalization of metabolism of female sex hormone estradiol, and inhibits the synthesis of procarcinogenic 16α-hydroxyestrone, that stimulating high proliferative activity. Also, KVINOL provide peripheral regulation of proliferative processes by reducing the amount and activity of estrogen receptors in tissues of target organs (mammary gland, uterus, ovaries, cervix). Besides the regulation of pathological hormone-dependent proliferation, KVINOL controls hormone-independent hyperproliferative activity, which is often associated with chronic inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive organs. An additional molecular mechanism, that controls cell proliferation in the molecule of indole-3-carbinol is induction of selective cells apoptosis, which infected by human papilloma virus (HPV) and control activity of cell growth factors.

KVINOL is a non-hormonal alternative drug that controls hyperproliferative processes of the female reproductive system.

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MENOKVIN - contains of unique complex of our plant extracts of: Cimicifuga racemosa, Angelica sinensis, Pueraria lobata and Passiflora incarnata, that contribute reduction of women's psychosomatic disorders with climacteric symptoms in premenopausal period. Complex of phytoestrogens incomposition of MENOKVIN has a bidirectional effect:

  • substitution effect - due to the structural similarities, plant cells have estrogen-like effects on the female body;
  • a stimulating action - due to the activation of the enzyme aromatase the reisstimulation of the synthesis of its own endogenous estrogens.

Also, distinctive feature of MENOKVIN is an additional soothing component - extract of the herb Passiflora incarnata, which helps relieve anxiety and irritability, normalize psycho-emotional condition and improve sleep.

MENOKVIN – effective complex for prevention and reduction of women menopausal symptoms in the age adjustment of hormonal regulation.

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CRANFORCE - natural antiseptic of the urinary tract based on the concentrate of latvian cranberry (Vaccinium oxycoccos). Species difference of latvian cranberry (Vaccinium oxycoccos) consist of high-level content of bioactive substances in berries due to its natural habitat preservation in shaded woodland on soils with high level of mineralization. CRANFORCE contains of standardized cranberry concentrate - 265 mg in one capsule (26,5 mg of proanthocyanidins – PAC; 10:1). In a double daily dose the patient receives 53 mg PAC, which is sufficient daily dose to achieve urinary antiseptic effect (based on the recommendations of the European Association of Urology – 36 mg PAC/day). Such high content of bioactive components in CRANFORCE is also achieved by a unique extraction process (cryosublimation – fast freezing followed by sublimation of ice into vapor) of berries with conservation activity of all organic components. As a result, extract retains properties of fresh berries, and consists not only of juice, but also from pulp and peel. This high-tech method can prevent pathogens breeding on the epithelium surface of the urinary tract. Krenfors applied to prevent relapse in inflammatory diseases of the urinary system, and also in the treatment of urinary infections. Krenfors doesn't consist of additional preservatives, dyes and fragrances, so that is 100% natural product - it is recommended for pregnant women.

CRANFORCE is a natural-based high-tech extract of latvian cranberry (Vaccinium oxycoccos) and can prevent relapses in inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract. Potentiates the action of antibiotics.

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TRIBEX - herbal drug for integrated problems solution of male and female sexual function. Active component is a standardized plant extract Tribulus terrestris - 750 mg in one tablet. This plant been used in folk medicine to treat sexual dysfunction in both men and women since old times. Produced by modern technology TRIBEX improves sexual function by affecting on humoral regulation, but also has a tonic effect.
The active compound of Tribulus Terrestris is protodioscin - saponins with a steroid structure of furostanol type, due to the increased content of which observes therapeutic effect. The mechanism of protodioscin action is associated with the hormonal influence on regulation and with vasodilator effect, which promotes active blood flow to organs and tissues. Namely, increases the synthesis of testosterone and other androgenic hormones (dehydrotestosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone), and also increases the release of nitric oxide, which has vasodilator effect.
TRIBEX stimulates spermatogenesis in the male body by increasing sperm count and motility. Tribex increases libido, eliminates vasomotor disorders in menopausal period of women and also reduces the severity of insomnia, stress, irritability or apathy. The standard course is 3 months – 1 tablet 2 times a day.

TRIBEX used separately or in complex therapy of sexual dysfunction: for men - with infertility of various origins, to increase libido and duration of erection, for women - for frigidity, endocrine ovarian sterility, climacteric and post-castration syndrome with marked vasomotor and neurasthenic manifestations.

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KARLIV - is an original combination of L-carnitine, zinc and selenium.
L-carnitine - vitamin-like substance, which due to its important physiological roles in the body belongs to the vitamins of group B. Engaged in the metabolism of fatty acids, providing the body with energy, stimulates the breakdown of subdermal fat, exerts membrane-protective and lipotropic effect on hepatocytes, stimulates spermatogenesis (enhances concentration and sperm motility, prevents the occurrence of pathological forms of sperm cells), has an antioxidant effect. Also reduces cholesterol level, prevents atherosclerosis and improves heart function.
Zinc is involved in testosterone synthesis, increases its level and improves spermogram (sperm concentration, motility and morphologically normal forms), has an antioxidant effect, involved in metabolism of fatty acids, protein and DNA synthesis, stimulates synthesis of hemoglobin and erythropoiesis, improves the immune system.
Selenium improves sperm quality, immune system function, provides antioxidant protection, has a strong antitumor effect by destroying abnormal cells, improves the condition during menopause in women, and improves heart and thyroid function.

KARLIV improves sperm production, activates the energy metabolism and the degradation of fats, and also has a hepato- and cardioprotective effect (improves liver and heart work).

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ADELIV - is a hepatoprotector with antidepressant activity. It contains ademetionine - biological compound that was found in all tissues and liquid medium of organism. Without this molecule is impossible almost no biological reaction (most of all ademetionine formed and metabolized in the liver (48%) and brain).
Ademetionine takes part in 3 important biochemical reactions: transmethylation, transsulfuration, transamination (aminopropylation). Due to these features, ADELIV possesses next properties:

  • choleretic effect - to normalize the function of the hepatocyte membrane and intracellular transport work;
  • choleretic effect which is shown in motility normalization of the biliary tract;
  • detoxifying effect due to participation of ADELIV in biochemical reactions that quickly and effectively neutralize toxins;
  • antioxidant effect which is demonstrates in synthesis of antioxidants: cysteine and glutathione;
  • regenerative effect - stimulates regeneration of hepatocytes, which allows to compensate liver function for cirrhosis;
  • antidepressant effect is provided by stimulation of neurotransmitters synthesis, which enhance synaptic transmission;
  • neuroprotective effect is shown in reducing symptoms of hepatic encephalopathy.

ADELIV is hepatoprotector based on ademetionine of European quality at an affordable price.

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HEPANEX - original medicine for the prevention and treatment lesions of the liver and gallbladder. It consists of artichoke, silymarin, choline bitartrate, dandelion and L-methionine. Artichoke and dandelion have a choleretic and diuretic action, reduce the cholesterol. Artichoke contains apigenin and luteolin (probiotics) which promote the growth of beneficial microflora in the gut. Dandelion soothes the gastro-intestinal tract, absorbs toxins, has prebiotic activity and improves digestion. Silymarin (milk Thistle) protects and regenerates liver cells, stimulates their growth, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect on liver cells (hepatocytes). Choline activates the liver function and promotes normal metabolism of lipids (fats). A large part of the choline in the human body is in the form of phospholipids, which are an essential part of the membrane of hepatocytes. A deficiency of choline leads to fatty liver disease (hepatic steatosis). L-methionine is an essential amino acid required for the synthesis of proteins. Also, L-methionine reduces the level of the cholesterol and fat accumulation in the liver, stimulates the synthesis of phospholipids, improves liver function, participates in the process of metabolism and preventing fatty degeneration of liver tissue.

HEPANEX - is a natural product of European quality with fast and comprehensive action, a long and powerful hepatoprotective and choleretic effect, reliable protection of the liver and gallbladder.

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FORCELIV - original combined hepatoprotector with a multifactorial mechanism of action for use in liver lesions of various etiologies. FORCELIV is the first complex based on an important amino acids that affects on all types of metabolism - protein, fat and carbohydrate, having a distinct effect on the regenerating of liver cells - hepatocytes. Aside from ademetionine FORCELIV also contains of arginine and thioctic (α-lipoic) acid. Thanks to enhanced formula of FORCELIV is effective against such liver diseases as intrahepatic cholestasis, toxic and viral hepatitis, cirrhotic and pre-cirrhotic condition. All active ingredients are of natural origin and the highest cleaning quality that promotes high bioavailability of FORCELIV.

FORCELIV - hepatoprotector with an amino acid complex that combines the most active ingredients with proven efficacy in the stabilization of structural and functional condition of the liver.

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OLEFAR - this is exclusive in Ukraine throat spray based on natural veg oils. The composition of OLEFAR includes oils of seabuckthorn, calendula, cinnamon and tea tree. Seabuckthorn oil contains large amounts of natural biologically active components. Calendula oil also contains a lot of vitamins, fatty acids, microelements, chlorophyll. Cinnamon normalizes blood circulation and metabolism. Tea tree oil is active component against such pathogens as: Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Staphylococcus pneumoniae, Propionibacterium acnes, Streptococcus β-haemolyticus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Citrobacter spp., Shigella sonnei, Proteus mirabilis, Legionella spp., Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans etc.

Thanks to this unique composition OLEFAR perfectly covers the mucous membrane of the throat, localizes the inflammation and prevents it from spreading, quickly relieves pain, reduces swelling of mucous membrane, facilitates swallowing, liquidate unpleasant sensation in the throat, soothes dry cough, strengthens local immunity, promotes regeneration of damaged tissue and speeds up healing, provides long-lasting effect and has a pleasant taste. OLEFAR is effective at any stage of inflammatory processes.

OLEFAR - reliable protection of the throat!

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ALVIN - is used to prevent and treat acute respiratory diseases and flu. Components of the syrup helps to reduce symptoms of cold and flu, stimulate natural protective abilities of the organism and immune system. ALVIN has 3 main influences:

  • antiviral – thanks to L-lysine, propolis and extracts of pine buds;
  • immunomodulatory – due to inuline, L-lysine and vitamin C;
  • expectorant - thanks to the extracts of thyme, linden flowers and pine buds.

ALVIN has antiviral and antibacterial activity, reduces cold symptoms, soothes sore and pain in the throat, soothes cough, thins mucus, stimulates the immune system.

ALVIN is permitted for using children from 3 years contains no alcohol, dyes, preservatives. As auxiliary substances in compound of Alvin there are berry juice, and honey.

ALVIN - first aid for colds and flu!

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SINORM - effective herbal complex for the treatment of diseases of ENT-organs and respiratory tract.

SINORM contains of thyme stems, hop cones, flowers of the primrose, pine bark and flowers of black elderberry. Due to this structure, SINORM reduces edema of the mucosa, improves drainage of paranasal sinuses, easier breathing through the nose, improves oxygenation (oxygen saturation of blood), reduces inflammation, speeds recovery, effective in the treatment of rhinitis, has a complex effect in sinusitis, helps to loosen phlegm, relieves cough and prevents the spread of inflammatory processes.

SINORM approved for use to children from 6 years of age.

SINORM - an effective remedy for sinusitis!

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SINORM BALSAM is an effective herbal complex for diseases treatment of ENT-organs and respiratory ducts.

SINORM BALSAM reduces swelling of the mucous membrane, improves the drainage of paranasal sinuses, easier breathing through the nose, improves oxygenation (the oxygen saturation of blood), reduces inflammation, speeds healing, effective in the treatment of rhinitis, has complex action for sinusitis, helps loosen phlegm, relieves cough and prevents the spread of inflammatory processes. Has a pleasant taste and contains no alcohol.

Approved for use to children from 3 years.

SINORM BALSAM - an effective remedy for sinusitis!

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